Book cover

From my graphic design class at Parsons. The assignment was to create a book cover for an “American Anthology of Poetry” using some kind of natural element. I immediately thought of an oak tree, but I didn’t really know what layout or design I would use. When I looked up books of American poetry, many of them brought in a red, white and blue color palatte, so I decided to go with that, too. I didn’t want to try to trace the outline of a real oak tree, so I made one out of overlapping circles and an adjusted rectangle. The other students seemed to like it. (Yes, references to my hair were made.)

BookCover – pdf

Book cover

ARCH DL V hosted by LVHRD

Last month I attended ARCH DL V, hosted by LVHRD, in Brooklyn. The event pitted two architecture teams against each other to create a moon-based, landing site/jail at Coney Island, using only the materials available in 5 boxes of Monopoly games.

I left before the end because it was a Tuesday and it was in Brooklyn (where I don’t live).

Then, right after that I came across this mixtape on FlavorPill on the 10 Best Architecture songs.

This weekend I will be attending another LVHRD event, WRK/PLY. Check it out and get your ticket.

Little Red Riding Hood, with design twist

I’ve been posting this on all my accounts today. As was said on Flowing Data, this video is totally worth 3 minutes of your life. What a fun take on a classic fairytale. Apparently, it was based on this Röyksopp video, which you can catch on YouTube.

I really like the way all of the parts of the story are presented so matter-of-factly, especially Grandma’s calorie count of 10,000 kcal. Actually, after watching this video I was reminded of one key fact/mishap of the story. Even after Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood are saved, Grandma’s still sick. What about that part of the story? I’m sure it doesn’t end well. Well, at least I found the next song I’m gonna get on iTunes.