Korsakow: trains

For my Giant Stories Tiny Screens project, I finally was able to put together my train videos from last September. My concept is to use the different perspectives of the videos to experience a train ride to Beacon, NY. The sun goes down, people ride the train, we pass bridges and other platforms, the train conductor passes by…etc.

trainMy (Train) Korsakow

The videos are linked together with different keywords, according to what I experienced, including: inside, outside, ride, looking, platform, trains, people, lights, night, exploring, things, places, signs. I want to keep working on it. It’s been fun.

Anonymous Karaoke

For my Redial midterm project I worked on creating an anonymous karaoke phone line. I still have work to do, but here’s a little summary.

How it works:
Call in
Pick a song
Sing (talent optional)
Listen to your song

Functionality to add:
Recording the conversation (like eavesdropping)
Listening to your song
Listen to other people’s songs
Send your song to your email address

Difficulty working with Monitor and MixMonitor. The context is kind of different for both, which makes it harder to figure out where the record files should go and how to get them out. It should definitely not be impossible.

Asterisk code.


This is wonderful. Simple and elegant. 20 YouTube videos of people playing music in the key of b-flat. Haunting and beautiful.



My moral takeaway: We may all be playing different instruments, but we are still playing the same song. It just takes some work to be able to hear it.

Saw this today on npr.org