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Screenshot of customer insights page

OverviewHelping customers find connections hidden in their data.

Role: UX Designer

Tasks: Wireframes, Annotations

Keywords: Data Charts · Wireframes · InDesign

Description: Creation of new reporting tools to help a business owner analyze their current customer and business data.

Salesgenie is a subscription‑only, enterprise sales and marketing tool for small business owners. Salesgenie is a division of Infogroup. The product suite was released as the Customer Insights Report and the Data Enhancement.


Create a compelling report that visualized customer prospect data.

 Research & Brainstorming

To gather ideas, I researched data visualization examples.

 Complete Journey

The final documenation was a complete experience.


Customers could then purchase and use this data for their marketing needs.


I used Google's Chart Gallery to create a custom map for the wireframes.


Additional screens included upload screens, a dashboard, and purchase history.

Upload Screen

To get started, customers upload their spreadsheet for analysis.

Labeling Columns

In order for the analysis to work, the customer spreadsheet needed to be labeled properly. Some fields could be skipped, but too many would generate an error.

rearranging column order example


After successfully uploading started, customers would get an email when their report was ready. After returning, a dashboard showed prior sessions. The screen below shows different outcomes for an upload.

rearranging column order example

Enhanced Data

Enhanced customer data looked similar to a spreadsheet, but rows with new information were highlighted.

rearranging column order example

Insights Report

The insights report provided a visual explanation of the user's customer data. Below is a depiction of the business insights wireframe and the final mockup.

rearranging column order example
rearranging column order example

Other details in this user flow included error messages and a purchase history. The features were released on the Salesgenie website as the Customer Insights Report and Data Enhancement services, where they are both still available.

current customer insights
Screenshot of data enhancement page