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OverviewA lead manager for small business.

Role: Product Design

Tasks: Usability Testing, Wireframes, UI Design

Keywords: Web‑based Application · Interaction Design · Information Architecture · Wireframes · Usability Testing · Illustrator · Photoshop

Description: Addition of new functionality to help small business teams manage their sales leads.

Salesgenie is a subscription‑only, enterprise sales and marketing tool for small business owners. Salesgenie is a division of Infogroup. Released as Salesgenie Lead Manager™.


The goal was to create a lead tracking product for small business teams.

 Test Facilitation

Led test sessions and interviews, with wireframes and a videocamera.


I worked with product management, development, and leadership teams.

 Problem / Solution

Going in, the team lacked primary user research. We organized usability testing.

 Usability Testing

Usability testing revealed more nuances to the process of a lead becoming a customer.


I created wireframes in Illustrator, UI elements in Photoshop, and selected the icons for lead status.

Default View

The real secret to this interface is the Lead Status, which is located in the panel on the right. The new version also featured a fullscreen view, using all the space on the screen, instead of center‑aligned with wide margins. This made room for the extra columns and functionality added to the UI.

Alternate Views

Since the framework was completely new, we needed examples of resized windows. I created alternate views for the development team — including this shortened view.

Custom Columns

New functionality included the ability to resize, re‑arrange, and filter using auto‑complete. Users could also turn off columns they didn’t need.

Resizing columns
rearranging column order example
auto-complete search example

Error Messages

There were several error states that needed to be accounted for. These were included in the final set of wireframes and UI designs.

error messages


These annotations provide UI specifications for the development team.

red lines

The product was released as the Salesgenie Lead Manager™, and is currently available on the Salesgenie website.

Features include: Column resizing · Column reordering · Ability to add notes and tags · Ability to hide or reveal lead status.

LM screenshot
Screenshot of current site