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Screenshot of final design

OverviewRedesigning a website for product launch.

Role: Information Architect

Tasks: Sitemap, competitive research, wireframes

Keywords: Information Architecture · Wireframes · Competitive Research · e‑Commerce · InDesign

Description: Redesign of e-commerce site for new product launch.

The client was Soul Electronics. The agency was known as Wonder, Visualizing Brands.


The company was preparing to release a new line of high‑end, lifestyle headphones.

 User Needs

The competitive research involved reviewing e‑commerce sites with similar customers.


I worked with the account manager to clarify the client’s needs and plan the site map.


The new site would incorporate e-commerce features, events, and news.

 Competitive Research

Research included reviewing websites selling high‑end headphones and audio products.


I sketched thumbnails and layouts. I started wireframes by focusing on the Product page, then Home, etc.

Competitive Research

Competitive research included companies offering high‑end sound systems and audio peripherals, such as Bose and Klipsch (shown below). This research helped show what type of information is important to buyers of expensive audio equipment.

competitive research


Sketching ideas for the interior pages.

Resizing columns


These wireframes were completed in InDesign.

Site Map

SOUL released their new line of headphones, which are still available for purchase on their website. Their site has since been slighly redesigned, but still retains some of the same layout and design themes.

current soul screenshot
Screenshot of current site