Weight Watchers

Augmented Reality Contest

This user journey was created to support a design team, as they were presenting to a client. The concept was a contest using augmented reality (AR) to interact.

To help the client understand the concept, I created these user journeys to help the client better visualize the proposal.

WW first WW first

Heineken + BlipAR Campaign


I created this user journey in support of the Heineken Cities campaign. The campaign uses AR to help customers interact with the unique "cities" bottles.

Eventually, I created wireframes and workflows for the entire experience.

cities flow

Heineken + Spotify Campaign

"Opening Acts"

This user journey helped diagram the experience of an online campaign, that was a collaboration between Spotify and Heineken.

spotify flow

Registration Flow

"Amazing Days"

This is a more traditional user journey, mapping the registration flow for an app. The app maps a family's first year with their new baby.

Dreft registration

Axis 360

Skillshare Project

This short user journey maps the experience of a user navigating through an app. The goal was to participate in a Skillshare course. I selected the Axis 360 app as my model.

View on Skillshare
axis 360