Weight Watchers

Augmented Reality Contest

This promo was an experiential concept for Weight Watchers.

Weight Watcher's customers would use Blippar, an augmented reality app, to scan a QR code they received in the mail. This led to a game experience. Users could win an entry to a contest.

This user journey was created to support the creative team, during client presentations. The project was never completed.

WW first WW first

Heineken + Blippar Campaign


I created this user journey in support of Heineken'sSummer Cities” Promotion. Using Blippar, an augmented reality app, customers scanned any limited-edition Heineken City bottle for possible entry into a sweepstakes.

My goal was to map the entire AR experience and provide wireframe templates for the mobile designs.

View the promo spot, “Represent Your City With Heineken & Blippar”, on YouTube.

cities flow

Heineken + Spotify Campaign

"Opening Acts"

This experiential promotion was a proposed collaboration between Spotify and Heineken.

Customers would engage with up-and-coming musicians by listening on Spotify. The most popular musicians would then perform at a music festival, such as Coachella where Heineken is a sponsor.

This user journey helped diagram the experience.

spotify flow

Registration Flow

"Amazing Days"

Amazing Baby was an iOS app that provided new moms with activities or opportunities to participate in daily activities and share on social media.

The app offered new and expecting parents curated opportunities to share their baby's first year. The app prompted users to document milestones and share photos. At the end of the year, parents could completed a personalized baby book.

This user journey, maps the flow for user registration.

View the promo spot, “Amazing Baby Days”, on YouTube.

Dreft registration

Axis 360

Skillshare Project

This short user journey maps the experience of a user navigating through an app. The goal was to participate in a Skillshare course. I selected the Axis 360 app as my model.

View on Skillshare
axis 360