Since starting my UX career in 2005, I have worked for a wide variety of businesses, industries, and organizations. I rely on my knowledge and expertise in usability, design, and programming to support businesses in the creation and maintenance of interactive, human-focused products and websites.

Origin Story

In college, I discovered an undeveloped interest in the intersection of people, technology, and information. I attended graduate school to develop my skills. After graduation, I pursued my interest and have been working ever since. I currently live and work in New York City.


After pursuing a dance career, I did a 180 into a completely new field. Overall, I attribute my educational and career accomplishments to my initiative, adaptability, good communication skills, friendliness, curiosity, and my drive towards self-improvement.

Photo of me.


BFA from the University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio. MS in Information from the University of Michigan, School of Information, Ann Arbor, Michigan. MPS from New York University, Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York, New York.

In 2017-2018 I was awarded a scholarship to complete the Mobile Web Specialist track, focused on mobile optimization and web app development. The course was offered by Udacity and partnered with Google. Learn more at Udacity.

My job titles have included Human Factors Engineer, Information Architect, Sr. UX Designer, Product Designer, UX Architect, and Information Management Professional.

My passion for continuing education and personal growth has only grown over the years. I’m a bit obsessed with online learning as a resource for self-improvement. Feel free to ask me anything about online courses!

At Work

I work as full-time employee and I support existing teams as a freelancer or contractor — often, but not always, through a staffing agency.

For all roles, I typically work onsite, but I have experience working with distributed and remote team members.


If you have an interest in working with me (or curious about online courses), I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to reach out via LinkedIn or email.