About Me

I support businesses in the creation and maintenance of interactive, human-focused products and websites.

I’ve created experiences as an in-house contributor, for CPG‑branded marketing campaigns, and for business consultancies. My responsibilities often include: sketching, wireframing, prototyping, sitemaps, usability testing and facilitation, workshops, design systems, userflows, experience mapping, and user research.

In my design role, I am someone who is comfortable getting into the weeds; I find structure in the unstructured. My design style is practical and utilitarian, with a few touches of flair.

In my personal time, I’m always learning. I love learning and sharing knowledge.

I particularly enjoy seminars hosted by the NYPL Science, Industry and Business Library or the New York Academy of Medicine. I always learn something new, even when it’s a topic I think I already know about.

I also enjoy online courses from edX and Coursera, and I’ve completed a Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree via a scholarship from Udacity. I’ve taken in-person courses from Parson’s School of Design, as well as from Girl Develop It, one of the local groups I’ve joined related to tech, business, and design.

I find that my curiosity helps me make connections, personally and professionally, between topics that may seem unrelated. For instance, I made a recent connection between leadership and early Chinese history.

If I've piqued your curiosity, feel free to get in touch. Or you might be curious to learn more about the design of this site.