About Allison

Analytical and detail-oriented, I use principles of user-centered design to help make complex systems easier for non-technical users, and technical systems more efficient for advanced users.

I’ve been lucky to find opportunities across a diverse range of businesses, including e-commerce, finance, pharmaceuticals, energy, and marketing.

I enjoy the hands-on task of digging into the details of complex functionality. I aim to take a thoughtful approach when defining solutions.

My favorite projects are those in which design, business, and technical teams are mutually focused on achieving solutions collaboratively and can share in the outcome together.

stacks of websites sketches on paper

Clockwise from top-left: annotated wireframes for admin screens, sketches for e-commerce update, sketch for reminder widget.

Education & Background

Master of Professional Studies
Tisch School of the Arts
New York University
New York, NY
Master of Science in Information
School of Information
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
Bachelor of Fine Arts
College-Conservatory of Music
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH

An Analog Background

I stepped into the digital, tech and design world, after years in the analog world of the performing arts. Studying human-computer interaction and information economics and management at the University of Michigan was a challenge to overcome.

However, I knew from experience that conquering a skill requires dedication and passion to learn.

Then, as now, I remain committed to self-improvement and growth, frequently pursuing enrichment opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills.

What my educational experiences have provided me with is a perspective that helps me keep my interests wide — and remain open-mind to alternative sources of solutions and creative ideas.

Skills & Experience

User Research

Asking unbiased questions to generate insights from users.
Contextual Inquiry
Using observation to understand user needs in a natural setting.
Developing archetypes of users for product or service development.
Usability Testing
Creating test plans for in-person testing, and moderation.
Competitive Analysis
Gathering design insights from direct competitors or within an industry.
Heuristic Evaluation
Evaluating a product based on usability principles.


Sketching & Ideation
Brainstorming and rapid ideation of ideas.
Information Architecture
Developing structure, navigation and organization of an experience.
Producing diagrams or maps to capture the flow of an experience in part or whole.
Responsive Design
Designing layouts for desktop, mobile, or other screens and inputs.
Annotations & Specifications
Creating the interaction and functional specifications for development implementation.
Defining layout, hierarchy, and information design for clear and meaningful interfaces.
Exploration of interactive experience using low and high fidelity tools, plus HTML and CSS.


CSS, HTML, Git, web performance optimization, JavaScript foundations, responsive web design, accessibility, CSS frameworks.
Eager Enthusiast
Angular, Python, MySQL, jQuery, R, OpenFrameworks, Processing, MaxMSP, Arduino, Lean/Kanban.
Mobile Web Specialist, Nanodegree
Udacity (2018-2019)
Responsive Web Design, Developer Certificate
FreeCodeCamp (2019)


Former managers and co-workers

While Allison was a member of my team she demonstrated a sterling work ethic and an amazing capability for observation and analysis.

— Human Factors Team Lead, Lexmark

…a thoughtful and detail oriented UX designer with a strong understanding of content systems, research, and working with requirements.

— Experience Design Creative Director, Publicis Sapient

Her work ethic is stellar, and her passion for her work was so infectious that it sparked an interest for me in learning more about UX myself.

— Resource Manager Colleague, Geometry Global

…detail-oriented in requirements and data gathering and can analyze and present the information well to leadership.

— Business Analyst, Chevron Corporation

…one of the most highly organized UX professionals I’ve ever worked with.

— Quality Assurance Team Lead, Geometry Global

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This website is always under construction. 🔨

I built this site after conducting my own research on UX portfolios. You can read a little about that on my blog.

This site uses the font Inter and is built with the CSS framework Tachyons. I design updates in Sketch and code them in Atom, using a private github repository. I use ImageOptim to compress images and the JavaScript library FancyBox to make them fancy. I incorporated backgrounds from HeroPatterns.com and SVGBackgrounds.com.