Improving the User Experience
For International Customers


While working at Adorama, I designed, implemented, and maintained user‐facing features for all web properties.

My role:

  • Design research
  • Product (UX/UI) design
  • UI development

decorative image for Adorama

About Adorama


Adorama sells camera equipment, electronics, computers, print and photography resources for local, US domestic, and international customers.

Rental services are also offered to local customers for a wide-variety of equipment. The company also retails equipment for scuba and outdoor gear (online‐only).

Adorama has retail stores located in New York City for their camera, rental, and SCUBA properties.

Shared Design System

I contributed to and helped maintain Adorama’s 4 responsive sites and shared design system:

Image of shows common design system


Photography and electronics. Supports the NYC store.

Image of shows common design system

Adorama Rentals

Rentals for photography and electronics equipment.

Image of shows common design system


Outdoors equipment. E‑commerce only.

Image of shows common design system

Leisure Pro

Diving and SCUBA equipment. Supports NYC store.

Improvements for Shipping

In one project, I improved the language and user experience journey for international customers.

image of shipping page

Prototype of recommendations for product page improvements.
View more images in the deep dive.

Understanding the Problem

Many international customers were unhappy when they received their items. The site was not providing enough information about the fees associated with international shipping and customs.


The business owners had asked for a simple change in the cart, but I suspected the workflow itself had room for UX improvement.


To challenge my suspicions, I conducted an expert walkthrough of the entire workflow noting areas for improvement. I also researched at least 30 websites, looking for common design patterns.

Review of Findings

Most companies localized their shopping experience, thereby restricting shipping and billing to one currency. Adorama did not, which created a unique design problem.


My recommendations focused on clarifying the language for shipments in the cart, product, and payment pages:

  • Add more shipping information to the help pages
  • Begin providing shipping information well before checkout
  • Clearly explain the choices between international shipping options
After all the research and collecting design patterns, I started defining the user workflow from help and product pages, to checkout.


After presenting my recommendations, changes to the cart and checkout pages were prototyped and implemented by me.