Project Overview

UX Architect
InDesign, OmniGraffle

The main functionality of the tool was to manage staffing requests for both full-time and freelance hires. The goal was to streamline the process by improving the ability to capture and track recruitment, staffing and hiring activity.

This was an unusual project for the company because, at the time, Geometry specialized in shopper activation marketing.

We accomplished a lot, but experienced some challenges:

Limited User Access

Despite being an internal project, I wasn't able to get time to test with users.

I did receive feedback through heads of departments. And I reviewed examples of tools and artifacts, with sensitive data removed.

Loose-ish Requirements

As there wasn’t a dedicated product manager focused on requirements. I considered it part of my role to anticipate requirements gaps and come up with effective solutions.

I worked closely with the dev and QA teams when there were new updates or any questions.

Scope and Structure

This was the kind of project that had a bit of a loose structure and grew over time.

I tried to overcome the lack of structure by working closely with the dev and QA teams, as well as the stakeholders I had access to — mostly resource managers.

Limited Time, Many Requirements

Given the time, there were few opportunities to iterate. I made design choices based on best practices in UX and design.

There was so much functionality, we made a choice to push some features into a Phase 2 release, which I highlighted in the wireframes.

Our hard work resulted in a desktop-only, business tool.

To improve the usability of the documentation, I color-coded chapters, used a specific annotation font, and adhered to a strict numbering system.

Fulltime Requests. Add and preview new requests. User groups defined the functionality and access. Sensitive data can be kept confidential.

Request form

Approved form

Confirmation modals

Freelance Requests. Similar to fulltime requests, with added ability to extend assignment dates.

Request form, with extension

Date extensions

Preview of notification email for filled request

Dashboard for active requests. Main dashboard features pre-formatted filters. Results pages allow the ability to export data.

Main dashboard

Dashboard results

Filter menu details

Labeling explanation

Archive & User Management. Archived requests can be restored to active. Users can be added, removed, and assigned roles.

Archive dashboard

User management dashboard

Appendix. Global elements, like progress bars or modals.

Global navigation

Progress bars