UX Research


UX Evaluation of a Guest Management Portal

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Project Overview

Freelance UX Designer
About 12 weeks

Images are limited for confidentiality.

Problem / Solution

The client organized large, semi-exclusive, and corporate events and travel experiences, using an internal event management platform. After a UX evaluation to uncover existing issues, they would have a better idea of how to redesign and expand the functionality of their platform.

I conducted interviews with stakeholders to define personas by roles, goals, and tasks. I explored 20 competitors, focusing mainly on six. Lastly, I identified over 70 usability issues throughout the workflow.


I primarily worked alone, scheduling interviews, taking screenshots, and recommending solutions for each finding. When presenting to the client, I prioritized usability issues by severity and emphasized productivity, since their users were internal.

Outcomes & Takeaways

One of the biggest usability problems with the platform was that actions didn’t logically flow, from one action to the next. Another problem was that a lot of functionality was hidden from view. I explained that hiding functionality made the interface appear more complex. Hidden functionality makes it difficult to form a complete mental model, which makes it harder to understand how things work together.

Following this audit, I created one-off design updates for this platform for several months, though I wasn’t able to use my findings to the fullest extent due to changes in scope.

Persona Examples: I conducted interviews with users — the employees of the company — to develop personas. I learned the platform used roles and permissions to restrict functionality and access.

These recreated personas represent internal users and external stakeholders, their customers. I learned the platform required extensive training, which was one of the reasons why only a small handful of their customers used it on their own.