UX Research Methods

UX Audit of Guest
Management Service


Over the course of several weeks, I completed a UX audit of a guest management platform including personas, competitive evaluation, and heuristic evaluation.

  • Personas
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Heuristic Evaluation

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About The Client

Event and Guest Management

The client specialized in creating unique guest experiences for large and semi-exclusive events, and corporate experiences, using their unique platform. Internal to Conde Nast. Based in New York.

Agency Profile: DOOR3

Small digital consultancy delivering web services for small and medium businesses. Specializing in intranets and business applications.

Based in NYC with an office in Ukraine. Clients in the US and abroad.

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  • New York
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UX Research Methods

Research revealed an internal user base, many usability issues, and a number of competitive features to consider for future updates.

Screen shot of Nielsen-Norman Group website

10 web usability heuristics from Jakob Nielsen.


Apply user experience research methods to evaluate the client’s guest management platform.


I developed personas after interviewing users. I created six personas, which the client reviewed and validated.

Competitive Evaluation

I identified at least 20 competitors and related industries, to gain knowledge of industry conventions and identify potentially useful features.

Heuristic Evaluation

The bulk of my time was spent on the heuristic evaluation. A large number of issues were revealed during this phase. While many were not critical, the cumulative amount was a concern. I presented these findings, along with the competitive analysis and personas.