SAAS, Business applications


Data Enhancement for Business Insights

Creation of new reporting tools to help a business owner analyze their current customer and business data.

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Project Overview

UX/UI Product Designer
About 6-8 weeks
Design Tools:

Problem / Solution

Infogroup, rebranded Data Axle in 2020, was a data, analytics, and marketing services provider, focused on salespeople, marketers, and professionals. Some of those professionals sourced customer data on their own — but it could be incomplete or become outdated.

To serve those customers, the team built a new product to analyze their data and generate a compelling report that visualized customer prospect data. Customers could then purchase the new data for their marketing needs.


I documented the start-to-finish workflow with annotated wireframes. Functionality included upload to dashboard, pricing tables to purchase history, plus notification emails (including errors).

Outcomes & Takeaways

The product eventually launched under the name Data Enhancement.

This project helped me learn to think more holistically about the full engagement experience of a product, as well as how to maximize my productivity to get more work done in the same amount of time.

After this project, the team’s design culture changed. Instead of annotations, the preference was to deeply document transition states. The change, in a practical sense, helped me learn that what’s common for one team may be rare for another.

Example 1: Critical column labeling step, after uploading.

Example 2: Dashboard

Example 3: Enhancement report

Example 4: Enhanced spreadsheet, after purchase.

Example 5: Checkout options for individual fields or complete package.