Salesgenie is a subscription‑only, sales and marketing tool for small-to-medium business owners, who need regular or recurring access to marketing data.

Salesgenie is one of two products in Infogroup’s SaaS division.

Early wireframes focused on shared licenses.

Salesgenie Lead Manager

How user testing improved product competitiveness, by revealing undiscovered product requirements.

The initial requirements only focused on adding shared user accounts, but had no user data to fall back on. I interviewed teams of customers and facilitated a few test sessions using early prototypes.

The sessions revealed customers needed lead generation tools, in addition to shared access.

The entire product team held a workshop to discuss. It was decided we needed to redirect our efforts towards a new set of requirements focused on lead generation.

I designed wireframes for the new enhancements in Illustrator. And I created some UI elements in Photoshop. These enhancements became the Salesgenie Lead Manger and the Lead Manager Team Edition.

Lead Manager

Enhancements Overview Gallery

Lead Status

One main feature enhancement is the business summary panel on the right. The panel contains information about each business record and business classification.

Panel enhancements also include:

  • Update lead status
  • Add notes and tags
  • Collapsible panels
  • Jump to record by number

Alternate Browser Views

One enhancement was breaking out of a restricted window frame, which was fixed in the previous version. I created alternate views for the development team — including this shortened view.

Custom Columns

Another enhancement included the ability to resize, re‑arrange, and filter using auto‑complete. Users could also turn off columns they didn’t need.

Watch: Custom columns were a big enough enhancement, they got their own marketing video.

Final touches

Error Messages

Error messages for use of the summary panel.

Prompts and Special cases

Examples of edge and/or special cases.

Visual Specifications

Visual specifications for tags. Created in Photoshop by me.