Defining Core Functionality
For Securities Notifications


A project to define the core functionality for a white‐label, financial notification and processing service.

Securities, Finance
Freelance, Product design

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About The Client


A NYC-NJ area client that provides digital SaaS products focused on serving businesses in the financial and securities industry.

The clients are experts in the financial services and securities industry, providing customized data products and tools.

As a freelance designer I worked with business analysts, a systems architect, a project manager, another designer, and 3 client representatives.

Agency Profile: DOOR3

Small digital consultancy delivering web services for small and medium businesses. Specializing in intranets and business applications.

Based in NYC with an office in Ukraine, with clients in the US and abroad.

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Financial Processing Service

A project to define the core functionality for a white‐label, financial notification and processing service.

Client Workshop: During the workshop, our client gave us good information about their customers' needs.


This project required a high-level of teamwork to tackle an obscure area of finance. There were a few critical challenges for this project:

  • A sporadic project schedule, due to the budget, which limited our ability to plan ahead.
  • Miscommunication caused by the lack of a designated product owner.
  • Complicated subject matter made it difficult to understand the needs of the entire product.

It became critically important to the design progress to gather first-hand requirements from the client.


We planned on a knowledge‐sharing workshop with the client to clarify business and design needs, and set priorities.


During the workshop, we used whiteboards to help visualize workflows as the client explained the process.


We had a much clearer idea of the product following the workshop. The outcome of the workshop helped me begin brainstorming UI concepts, prioritizing functional sections, and provide accurate estimates of work.

Our client also designated a single person to serve as product owner, which greatly improved communication.

An Iterative Design Progression

Low to High‐Fidelity Wireframes

The workshop clarified the core functionality: conflict resolution. The conflict resolution screens evolved as more functionality was revealed.