Hi, I'm Allison.

Designer in Human-Computer Interaction.
I live in New York City.

Educated at the University of Michigan and NYU.
Lover of the arts and world culture.

And also cats.

UX Design/Interaction Design

I produce high-quality and visually appealing user flows, site maps, wireframes, and even functional prototypes.

In addition, I regularly make use of skills in:

  • grids
  • interaction patterns
  • responsive design
  • accessibility
  • typography
  • front-end development
Image of wireframes in an iMac

Methods of Usability Research

Experienced in quantitative and qualitative usability testing and evaluation methods, such as:

  • usability testing
  • user interviews
  • personas
  • surveys
  • cognitive walkthroughs
  • competitive evaluation
  • heuristic evaluations
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Other Stuff

In addition to UX, I also know a little bit about web design, game mechanics, physical computing, and graphic design.

I have also studied dance at a professional level, and spent many years studying music and sketching.

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