User Experience

Hello, my name is Allison Walker, and I create solutions for digital and electronic experiences.


I am a NYC-based UX designer with nearly a decade of experience in the field. My goal is to provide an elegant solution that supports user and business needs, while attending to the functionality and usability of a user‑interface or product.
Here is a taste of what I can provide:

User Research

I gather data about users, observe how they complete their tasks, interview them about their needs. I research competitive products. I use this collective data to help create personas and define the requirements and goals.

Information Architecture

I plan the organization, labeling, and structure of products. I consider users mental models and cognitive load. I consider the process of decision making and choice, to understand and map the user journey.

Interaction Design

I seek to create a clean and functional design. I ideate with low-fidelity sketches and thumbnails. Detailed, high-fidelity wireframes specify the layout and behavior of dynamic elements. I use tools like Axure to create prototypes.

Usability Testing

I create user tasks, act as test moderator, and gather metrics on how well the product supports user needs. I analyze test results and recommend product improvements or solutions to problems.

Collaborations & Tools

Visual Design Support

I work with visual designers as they apply logos and branding styles. I evaluate and guide the visual design it bests serve the user experience.

Development Support

I work collaboratively with full-time software engineers as they implement database-driven or dynamic user interfaces.

Ideas & Inspirations

When it comes to finding solutions to problems, I have a range of apps, JavaScript libraries, web galleries, UX pattern libraries, UI pattern libraries, type tools, portfolios, and more.

UX Tools

I am able to express my ideas with paper and pencil, sticky notes, or a white board — low‐fi tools I’ve used in the past. In no particular order, I’ve used Omnigraffle, InDesign, Axure, Illustrator, PowerPoint, and Visio. I’ve taken time to explore Sketch, which I used to layout this site.


I’ve worked across a variety of projects types. Here are a few examples of the various roles I have held and projects in which have participated.

Feel free to download the PDF or get a quick overview below.

App & Product Design

Information Design


User Journeys

RWD / Mobile Design


Additional views of selected projects available on Carbonmade.

“When I am working on a problem I never think about beauty. I only think about how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.”
Buckminster Fuller


I enjoy making tools that solve problems.


I enjoy focusing on productivity tools and applications, and mobile or responsive apps. But I have experience with many types of digital and electronic products, campaign websites, and other digital initiatives. I also have strong abilities in front-end web development, usability testing, and an eye for design and beauty. I write about these, and other interests, on my blog.


My email address is the first four letters of my first and last name, at Gmail.

Side Projects

Web Design

In 2016, I made a concerted effort to focus on two areas, graphic design and web development. In graphic design focused heavily on typography, specifically web typography. In web development, I focused my efforts on CSS and JavaScript, with the goal of learning the entire MEAN stack.

Creative Media

In 2009, I took 2 years to study at the ITP program at NYU. My goal was to combine my performance art training with my background in human-computer interaction. Many of my projects combined technology and media with expressions of personal identity.