This is the website for Allison Walker. User Experience Designer. Cat owner. INFP. Interests in British TV, world news and affairs, fermented drinks and foods, Japanese and Swedish interiors, and farm animals (but not really cows). I am most inspired when I am learning something new.


I combine design thinking and best practices in user‑centered design to transform requirements and achieve business goals. Currently based in NYC, I work for businesses and non-profits on a variety of interactive projects.


My process is to apply user research, information architecture, interaction design, and usability testing to create experiences that solve problems for organizations and the people they serve.

Quick Links

I’m available on LinkedIn and Twitter. My blog is where I write about anything that inspires me — UX and related, art and design, code and technology. I use Tumblr to share interesting articles and videos.


The projects below represent a cross-section of work, across a variety industries, from in-house business teams, to advertising agencies, to non-profits. In general, I am attracted to the design of web-based applications, responsive web-apps and sites, mobile apps, device UIs, digital‑to‑physical experiences, and creative technology integrations.

Lead Management Feature Integration, Salesgenie

Web-based Application · Interaction Design · Information Architecture · Wireframes · Usability Testing · Illustrator · Photoshop


Feature integration for the Salesgenie web‐based product. Salesgenie is a subscription‐only, enterprise sales and marketing tool for small business owners. The new features were designed to help sales teams better manage their sales leads.

Email Campaign Builder, Salesgenie

Web-based Application · Interaction Design · Information Architecture · Wireframes · Illustrator


This project was a redesign of an existing email campaign builder. The goal of this project was to help Salesgenie customers build attractive, email templates for their email marketing campaigns without technical knowledge of HTML or coding.

Amazing Baby Days, Dreft

iOS App · Mobile · Information Architecture · Experience Maps · Work Flow · OmniGraffle


This was an iOS project created for Dreft. As stated on the YouTube page:

The Dreft® Amazing Baby Days app lets you collect and cherish every amazing moment of your baby’s journey. Capture photos and mark milestones right from your iPhone® or iPad® to create your digital baby book. You can then share your personalized baby book with friends and family.
The app provided a daily tip activity for new moms during the first year.

E‑Commerce Relaunch, Soul Electronics

Information Architecture · Wireframes · Competitive Research · e‑Commerce · InDesign


Redesign project for the global relaunch of Soul Electronics, prior to the release of a lifestyle product line.

Mobile Augmented Reality Experience, Heineken

Mobile · Information Architecture · Experience Maps · Work Flow · OmniGraffle


This was mobile project for the Heineken Cities campaign. The goal of this part of the campaign was encourage Heineken’s market to engage with the product by using an augmented reality app to enter a contest.

Additional Projects

Database App with Information Design, Salesgenie
Featured information design as the major feature of a new product, that helped small business owners improve the quality of their sales leads.
Email Reminder Workflow, Pepperidge Farm
Provided detailed interactions for adding an email reminder that helps a newsletter subscriber remember to make a recipe on a specified date.
Experience Journeys
User journeys detailing the experience of a single user through an online, mobile, virtual experience — or a combination of the above.
Persona research and design to help clients understand the user base.

More projects are available on Coroflot.

Abouts. Yes, Abouts.

What’s up with this website?

I expect by now you may have viewed the source to find out which Squarespace template I’m using, which means you’ve discovered that I’m not using one at all. Why would anyone go through all this trouble?

I built this site from scratch for two reasons. The first reason is budgetary. Subscriptions sites are nice, but the fees add up and I’d rather spend the money on cat food or movie tickets. The second reason is that I like it. I enjoy hunting down CSS selectors, testing new layouts, and finding the right HTML code for a non-breaking hypen. (It’s ‑.)


This site is built in the style of a web typography site I built in 2016. I built the Master List of Logical Fallacies as a personal challenge. In building that, I grew a greater love for CSS and web typography. Many of the site helpers and notes make more sense in the context of that website. Two other projects from 2016 are HTML audio and SVG animation.

Other Projects

My creative projects are available on Cargo, archived on my blog under “ITP”, and a few on Coroflot. The previous version of this site is archived here.

About Me

I’m a graduate of NYU, the University of Michigan, and the University of Cincinnati.

When I said above that I’m into Japanese and Swedish interiors, what I really mean is that I’m into small-space organizing, tidying, and home DIY projects that are often Japanese or Swedish inspired. I collect ideas on Pinterest.

I am also interested in web frameworks, CSS, and design aesthetics, so this project has been fun. I take accredited continuing-education courses, web classes, and stay connected to local tech or design groups.


My email address is the first four letters of my first and last name, at Gmail. It's also in my resume.
Bonne journée! ‑ 𝒜𝒲

Site Helpers and Notes

My favorite selector
Toss up between p[class~="alternate"] and img:not(:first-of-type). You can read about super selective, CSS selectors at Getting Selective with CSS Styling on Coolest Guides On The Planet.
Rounded Corners and Drop Shadows
Calculated at CSSmatic.com.
Blockquote quote styling tips
CSS Tricks, especially the final tip from “drmyersii”.
Flexbox tips
A Complete Guide to Flexbox from CSS Tricks.
CSS Background Source
The patterns are called “Shippo” and “Carbon Fibre” from CSS Patterns Gallery.
Color Selection
Here's a look at some of the colors: Coolors.
The fonts are Rokkitt, Lora, and Helvetica Neue.
Custom Bootstrap navbar
View at: TWBS Color.
Formatted HTML / CSS
I used FreeFormatter.com to format the HTML (it’s not perfect, though), and to minify the CSS.
Image Compression
Optimizilla was my source for reducing image file sizes.