I am a designer living in NYC, with many interdisciplinary interests.

I write this blog as a mean of personal expression, to document projects, and to share and organize my thoughts. Recurring topics include technology, dance, art, design, physical spaces, crafts, education, or personal development.

Comments are open so please feel free to leave feedback!


As a UX designer, I create the functionality, organization, and information hierarchy of many digital products, such as websites, mobile apps, digital devices, and other interactive things you might touch and click on. I also plan and conduct research, and create prototypes. View case studies at alliwalk.com/ux.

Not Work

I actively study modern web development and I frequently tinker around with code. I often write about my coding experiences. I also frequently attend meetups and cultural events, which I also sometimes write about.

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Get in touch by leaving a comment or sending a carrier pigeon. Or reach out on LinkedIn. You can also find me on githubcodepen, and dribbble, or Tumblr.