Wooden Dress: Form

A few days ago, I got a turn with the dress form again and, taking another look at the silhouette of the dress, I realized that I needed to make an adjustment. Compared to the back of the dress, the front just wasn’t very flattering. It didn’t have a very feminine shape and didn’t hang properly. So, I went back and remade the front of the dress, which now looks very good. I put more connections between each of the pieces, so now, in addition to looking better, it’s also sturdier – which is very good. I’ve decided to take a more critical look at the back, and it’s possible that I’ll redo the back again as well. The way I redid the front of the dress without getting too committed was to sort of recut the dress in Photoshop. I got a much clearer idea of the finished piece without doing anything drastic. Plus, I used these wood samples I found on the internet to stand in for the foam core. Doesn’t look as nice as I want the final piece to look, but it’s fine for now. For the back, I don’t think I need too many changes to most of the pieces, but I do think that adding more connections between the pieces will help it look less saggy.

The pictures show the original front, with wood; the modified front; and the back, with rows 3 and 4 modified.

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