Visiting Japan…in my own mind (with Photoshop!)

For Spring Break 2011, a friend and I had the great idea to visit Japan. Neither of us had been there and, remarkably, tickets were very cheap. (Well, as cheap as visiting popular destinations in Europe – less than $1000.) So, with only about 4 weeks until departure, we booked our flight and rail passes, and prepared to depart.

Our flight to Japan was scheduled for March 12, 2011. Unfortunately, this was the day after a massive earthquake hit Japan and the eastern coast of the country was hit by an equally massive tsunami. (Not sure there’s such a thing as a tsunami that isn’t massive.) We ended up canceling our trip.

The following week, I found myself with a week of time I hadn’t accounted for. One day, while going surfing the Internet, I finally let myself feel a bit down about not going on the trip. For some reason, I decided to have some fun with photoshop – I found pictures of quintessential Japanese traditions, and inserted myself into them as if I’d actually gone on the trip. It made for some hilarious photos.

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  1. Allison, I’m not sure how I stumbled onto you photoshop mashup but I have to share the photos Jenny and I created while she was in Berlin for several months. One of us would find a vacation photo on Flickr from a random person and use this photo as the background inside apple’s photobooth to get ourselves into the photo. Then email that photo with ourselves in it to the other. Using photobooth again, I would put myself in the photo. it was fun to take an internet vacation.

    my favorite is where Jenny is completely under sized

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