UPDATE: Psychology 640/EECS 695: Neural Models

I emailed Leeann Fu, who co-taught the Neural Models class the first time and is still teaching it, apparently. And, thankfully. She replied to my email and sent me the 17-page syllabus, as well as suggesting 3 books I might be interested in reading. Here they are:

Vehicles“, by Valentino Braitenberg.
Gut Feelings“, by Gerd Gigerenzer. Leeann said, “Steve Kaplan added this as a textbook the last time he taught his Cognitive Functioning class”.
Stumbling on Happiness“, by Daniel Gilbert. Coincidentally, I just saw the TED talk where Gilbert asks, “What Makes Us Happy?”
On Intelligence“, Jeff Hawkins, Donna Dubinsky and Dileep George.

Meanwhile, there are so many articles in the syllabus, it would be hell to find them all online…well, maybe not. I am a student, after all.

Anyway, to save myself the trouble, I’m going to see if the copy center in Ann Arbor will be willing to send the course pack to NYC. Hopefully, more updates to come!

One thought on “UPDATE: Psychology 640/EECS 695: Neural Models”

  1. I didn’t realize you were into that kinda stuff. Stumbling on Happiness is a nice book, nothing extraordinary. Vehicles, on the other hand, is f*ing awesome, perhaps only second to GEB. I currently have the Bobst copy in my possesion, in case you want it =)

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