Week Notes, May 3

A written accounting of the week’s activities. (Or in my case, about a month.) These are my week notes for the final week in April, plus May 1.

Painting of a woman writing with a quill in the Dutch style.


  • Work on new features related to product detail pages (PDP) and finishing work from profile pages, specifically the profile landing page and navigation
  • Held a retro with team members
  • Had check-in with clients on new work for PDP
  • Welcomed a new member to the team; I will be rolling off soon ūüôĀ
  • Large amount of work scheduled, so team coordinated who would do what (I took on product reviews,¬†profile landing page and navigation)
  • Presented my profile navigation and dashboard wireframes to client – we have been working on these concepts since the beginning of the sprints
  • Discussed review wireframes with client in the same meeting
  • We discussed a¬†tricky problem, requested on¬†the product pages with new members of the client team — this issue I had prototyped back in la
  • Provided feedback to supervisor/team members on work to be presented at a client meeting
  • Joined a call about Buy Online/Pick-up In Store (or BOPUS)
  • Cleaned up some files on computer, using an Automator workflow



Image credit: The Letter Writer, Frans van Mieris (I), 1680, oil on panel, h 25cm × w 20cm РView original at Rijksmuseum.nl

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