Learning Clothes, at Fashion Camp NY 2009

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I’ve been thinking about having my own sewing machine for a few years now. I guess I never bought one (that worked properly) because I keep moving around the country too much. Anyway, I think now’s the time. I used a sewing machine occasionally in college, but since then I haven’t had the chance to try again. However, I’m really excited about the chance to try to make my own clothes, and find myself coming up with ideas all the time.

I wasn’t sure how I’d really learn how to make something until…ta-da! I learned about Fashion Camp NY 2009 to be held at ITP this weekend! Oh, joy!

Apparently, Fashion Camp is “Mainstream Fashion, Indie Fashion, and Wearable Technology come together for a weekend of open workshops, presentations, and networking.” So, using a sewing machine is pretty basic, compared to, say, wearable technology? But, still, it’s a weekend of free classes about how to make clothes, or how to think about clothes, or envisioning new fashions, or whatever…. It’s free!

I doubt Anna Wintour will be coming, but if just in case she does, maybe I should think about shining my shoes? If you want to attend and probably not see Anna Wintour, RSVP on the FashionCamp website.