Theory of Relativity

I found this documentary on black holes that mentions relativity and how light and time bend in response to the gravitational pull of the black hole.

I found this article on relativity, which describes how light is a constant speed in a vacuum, such as space, and is a physical boundary of motion for objects. That is, it is not possible to move faster than the speed of light.

For humans viewing something moving at the speed of light, we perceive that something moving much slower than it really is – which makes sense if you consider that an airplane flying far away in the sky appears to be moving quite slowly when we logically know it’s moving quite fast.

Tactile Assistive Watch

For our first Time assignment, Alex Vessels and I prototyped the design of a watch that is intended to be used for a blind person. We thought about a few different implementations of this design, but Alex and I decided to go with a design that incorporates Braille numbers since it seemed simple and uncomplicated to use. Our design features two rows of ball bearings that rise and lower, according to the corresponding Braille number and time. In order to tell the time, the blind person presses a button on the side of the watch, which causes the balls to rise, according to the current time, for 30 seconds at a time.

Braille numbers:

Exploring My Animal Self

Admittedly, for my Animals, People and Things In Between assignment, I really wasn’t sure what animal I was going to choose. I took one of the (corny) quizzes, and found that I was actually really satisfied with the animal I seemed to identify with most: deer.

Deer are strong, yet graceful. Humble, but not easily dismissed. It seems as if their eyes see what is already familiar to them, as nothing new has been invented. Growing up in Ohio, it wasn’t uncommon to see deer somewhere in the woods, in a park, or sometimes in someone’s backyard. They simply appear at your backdoor, and yet disappear without warning. Most deer are seem pretty shy, even when they somehow manage to live in cities. Whenever I saw a deer on the side of the road, I often couldn’t tell which one of us was intruding.

My short comic on how I become a deer…
I saw a link on the birth and rescuing of a fawn, which for a while I imagined was my former life. I imagined what I would do if I were really a deer. I would go to the park and the museum, and I’d eat good food. No one would bother me, because I’m just a deer. And, deer are only easy to find when they want to be found. Eventually, I’d get tired of being a deer and I’d need to go home. So, I’d just catch a train, turn into a human, and go home.

Anyway, aside from deer I also considered two other options. Lately, I’ve been imagining myself as a cat, but as the type of mysterious, anti-social cat that runs and hides whenever you get close but whose owner swears she’s very friendly. Incidentally, my first cat was the first pet I was allowed to have that also seemed to care for me, too.

A project that sounded interesting was to imagine myself in a cage – myself as the pet. Perhaps I would get a wire cage, with sawdust, an exercise wheel and tiny human furniture. Then, to represent myself, I would create a tiny, gerbil-sized puppet of myself that would live inanimately inside the cage. It seemed intriguing to take care of my own pet self? I wonder if, as a pet, I would take better care of myself?