Final: Communications Lab, “A Self-Packing Suitcase”

Self-packing suitcase from Allison Walker on Vimeo.

Due to a time constraint, I chose stop-motion animation as my final project. With a day or so before a trip to London, I took out a camera and made this film. I really liked working with fabric for stop-motion. It’s a lot easier to move around, but it looks much more organic than moving paper or other objects that are inflexible. I hope you like it!

Comm Lab: Stop Motion Animation

This week I worked with two other students, Noah Waxman and Macaulay Campbell, to create a short stop motion, animated film. When we added the sounds, it definitely became pretty ridiculous. We used a whiteboard to create our animations; it was a lot easier to work with than physical objects. Plus, our illustrator stole my is a graphic designer job, so it turned out well.

What Should We Do for Comm Lab?

Check out my cameo!

Update: This is a fun animation I found on YouTube, about the death of some bubble wrap.

Fantaisie in Bubblewrap